Listening - Thursday, Jan 16th 2020

Hollerin' The Spirit

Some brief observations:

  • On Hollerin' The Spirit: this band really took shape -- all the energy and angst of Cap'n Jazz plus timbre for miles.
  • On A Little Electronic Milky Way Of Sound: only six discs in and I'm starting to think of this as a single piece in multiple variations. Not looking forward to running out of discs.
  • On Standing On A Hummingbird and Inland: Mark Templeton is one of the great practitioners of 2nd or 3rd wave ambient/glitch or whatever you want to call it. (1st wave french post-concrete 80s & 90s digital folks, 2nd wave bedroom laptop researchers like Fennesz, Opiate, etc?) I slept on these in the day and they're fantastic.
  • On Five Points Fincastle: this was at the very top of my list circa 2004 and hasn't aged a day since. I was there for the last kiss is still so gorgeous.
  • On Heritage: I can't keep up! I think I'm about 30 hours behind on new KFW and that's just from the last few months. (I don't really know how many hours.) It's honestly inspiring though. I'm in a similar place with non-realtime generative projects and maybe I need to start releasing them the way I listen to them myself -- as sprawling lakes of undulating process.

Update, the morning after: sometimes I publish these entries having just put on the last thing for the day. I couldn't make it through this new KFW last night. I'll have to try again when I'm in the right headspace. I'm not totally sure the bandcamp data-dump is the right way to present all this. I'm probably biased but I can't help but feel like an internet radio stream would be much better...