Listening - Thursday, Jan 9th 2020

by Erik Schoster
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A Clerical Error In Shasta County Shouldn't Have To Ruin A Saturday Night

My favorite record of the year so far, although we're only about a week in and it's the only record I've listened to so far this year (amazingly, to me) and it was released in 2018... but it's really good. Hard-to-describe and haunting guitar music that positions itself in a dusty room and leaves more of the trail of sun hitting the particles in the air near the guitar than the guitar itself in many moments. Makes me think of the Recital label but this is more acousmatic and less concerned with western classical music. (It's still very much of the world of western harmony to my ears, but fragmented and destructured into sound-mass enough to be more than just chords and rhythms.)