Technically There's a Computer Inside

by Erik Schoster
in Misc

tagged via, starling labs, modular synthesis

Modular button-mashing

Taking my first steps with the Starling Via (Scanner) today. Whatever the modular version of button mashing is called, that's what I'm doing so far. Got the 2hp MIDI module spitting out signals coming from a python script running on my synth computer and using that to modulate... something on the Via.

The Koma Field Kit is sending its FM radio out into the Via, and its LFO out pitched up into audio range. The other main source of pitch is the DC motor which is driven by the output from the Via, and is miced with an induction mic and a contact mic, all of it sitting on top of a speaker which is outputing the main signal from the field kit.

The envelope follower is tracking the aux out on the field kit channels and is patched into the search input of the radio.

The overall rhythm in the shifting timbre is coming from the Via being modulated with the MIDI script. I'm just throwing notes at it willy-nilly, I have no idea what I'm actually telling it to do but this is a fun first step!